Whisperings offers Unique Opportunities for Piano Music Fans

December 15, 2010 -- If you’re a fan of piano music, visit Whisperings piano radio. The Internet radio station is comprised of piano artists that have banded together to bring listeners some of the best piano music available.

Whisperings was founded in August 2003 by solo pianist and composer, David Nevue. He recruited friends for the early broadcasts, and within just a few weeks, submissions were pouring in from all over the world. The station now features over 150 artists and is the number one broadcast on Live365.com. Whisperings offers commercial free solo piano music.

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Edward Weiss is a well-known pianist, composer, author and blogger. He’s been introducing students to New Age music for over 15 years. He works with private students, gives group lessons and offers his expertise online. He’s also the originator of a unique method of learning to play New Age music and owner of Quiescence Music. He first discovered the Internet radio station while searching for music to share with his students.

“I stumbled upon the Whisperings station and I was instantly captivated,” said Weiss. “Here was music that I loved and knew my students would appreciate as well. I instantly downloaded the free radio player offered at the main site. Now, my students and I get the best, most beautiful solo piano music out there for free!”

Whisperings offers pianists increased opportunities to promote themselves and their music. Most piano artists are limited to their own resources for promotion. Whisperings allows artists to network. They’re able to cross-link, share gigs, provide CD samplers and participate in regional tours. The community of piano artists promote themselves as a group rather than just individually.

The music industry typically doesn’t promote piano music. The industry equates success with the number of units sold and those numbering less than a million just don’t have a chance. Whisperings provides piano artists with a wide variety of opportunities to advance themselves, their music and their careers.

Whisperings offers a comprehensive listing of artists, their websites, upcoming concerts, sheet music and CD reviews. Links to iTunes are also provided where visitors can purchase and download the solo piano music they like. Offerings include those from established groups to solo artists. Music from the group Azimuth can be found, as well as 12-year-old pianist and composer, Alexx Carnathan. Whisperings plays a variety of styles that includes everything from jazz to classical and Christian. Music is available from artists worldwide who are leaving their indelible mark on the music world.

For more information, visit Edward's blog at http://freesolopianoradio.blogspot.com