Hello everyone,

I wondered if anyone could help me - I have just bought a Roland FP7 to replace a second F110 I bought from a local shop. The first F110 I bought had a nice action, however the piano sounds seem incredibly muffled to me - even the brightest one. So I took it back - the people in the shop would not accept there was any problem with the sound but exchanged it anyway with the demo model i'd played in-store. Howver when I this one got home, the sound was clearer, but half of the black keys ehibited a very noticable rattling sound when struck. It sounded at the though the outer key itself had come slightly lose from the inner part. This piano had been used as a demo instrument for 6 months apparently.

So, i took this one back and swapped for the fp7. I have now had this for 2 weeks - I must say I don't like the action much having used it a little more. It feels kind of like you are digging a hole witha pick axe, the action is so hard and noisy. I bought the stand, thinking this mihg tpad it out a bit but it actually seems to have exacerbated the problem. when tapping out finger exercises you can feel the vibrations going into the floor in your feet. This does not seem like anything a real piano would do, and I remember no such problem with the f110. i now worried about the neighbor below, not to mention finding actually playing it much less enjoyable than the fp110.

Can anyone tell me if there is a version of the f110 which has equalisers to tweak the piano sound, has the same easy keyboard action as the f110, and which hopefully will not develop the rattling key problem? I much prefered playing the f110 than the fp-7 but couldn't believe how muffled the piano sounds seemed.

Hope someone recognises something of what I on about here, here and might be able to help! Thanks, Ben

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