I purchased a couple of Venta Airwashers (LW44+ and LW24+) last week. The LW24 was supposed to be for the master bedroom, but I've had to move it downstairs in the piano room.

If I run just the LW44, the RH tops out at 38-39%. If I run both, it hits 40%. And it's not even super cold or dry yet here in the Boston area. We have forced hot water baseboard heating so a whole-house system is not possible.

I'm guessing I need a couple of LW44s for our first floor, but I first wanted to see what other RH% you all were getting. I'd kick myself if I ran dual LW44s and found the RH still topping out at 40%--unless that's the RH% I should be expecting and nothing more.

I searched the archives, but I couldn't find this answer. I saw that some stores running dual units, but there was no mention of the RH% reached,