Hi folks,

I thought I would start a new thread about this, since it's a bit unrelated to my other post about purchasing a Kawai RX-2. I pretty much have decided on the RX-2 after looking extensively at the GM-10 and GE-30.

My wife would really like to add a player. We saw a system called "IQ" on a GM-10, where an iPod Touch is sending the music to the system and the piano part is played by the piano, while other parts (if any) are routed through speakers. So little faith in my piano playing capabilities, huh? I mean, what can Elton John do that I can't?

So, my question is: Am I going to hurt anything as far as sound quality goes, if I add this to the RX-2? Is the procedure reversible? I hate the thought of someone drilling anything in there. Is one such system preferable over another? I don't have any recording requirements; I just need the simplest player that will not hurt the piano. I have a Yamaha P120 for recording, hooking up to a computer etc.

Thanks for any information you can provide.