This is Stephen.. the lurking pianist.. I shouldn't keep being an underground and lurking pianist. I decided to come out... lol

George, Melissa thanks for your great hospitality. I had a wonderful time there meeting you and others. Your piano is what a pianist will always dream for. You truly are fortunate to have a piano like that. Hopefully, we will hear you perform there next time! Thank you again for everything.

Alan, good luck with your Carnegie concert. Your programme is very demanding. Fingers crossed!

Rich, thanks for posting the photos. I didn't know you took a photo of me with this beautiful piano. Were you aiming at the piano but a bit off-focused, so you got me in it too? I think that's my first Bosendofer picture with me in it. Do you mind sending the original to me along with the group picture? Thank you so much.

Nice meeting you all. Hope to meet you all again soon! You guys were wonderful people.

Music is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into inward places of the soul.

~ Plato, Republic