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My feeling on pedaling in Bach is that it's OK, even desirable, but should be kept to a minimum.

Bach on piano is always a transcription of sorts, so notions of purity are a little misplaced.

As far as the harpsichord versus piano debate: every time I think about playing the harpsichord, I'm reminded of the Seinfeld joke about the Chinese and their use of chopsticks. You know they've seen the fork. And yet they stick to chopsticks.

Ha, that's a good one!

The high maintenance was one of the reasons the Harpsichord gave way to the piano eventually, amony other reasons.

And I agree about the Bach purity - we just have to play it the best we can, with or without pedal. It's not like Bach would forbid pedal if used wisely, if he knew we were dealing with a pianoforte. And even if he did forbid it, he can't get me now - I'm safe. I have my salt circle around my piano and intentionally emphasize certain fugal voices over others. >:)