Hello, my name is Alphadeus.

I have Asperger's Syndrome which prevents me from being able to work. I am unemployed and am working on improving my situation as well and learning to tolerate certain aspects of the condition (such as oversensitive senses).

While I have difficulty with social communication, I started playing keyboard when I was 12, and at 29 I switched to full piano (my younger brother donated his only piano to me to help me out).

I've been doing what I call Piano Journals, which are simply me sitting in front of my piano, hitting record, and playing whatever I feel like. Almost all of it is original music, while sometimes I might play something video game related which is extremely rare. It is my process of writing music that I've developed while having undiagnosed ADHD that prevented me from actually focusing long enough to think about what I want to play.

I'm basically streaming my thoughts and feelings through the piano. While I play, I'm thinking of people I love, or moments in my life. Sometimes I tear up while playing, other times I feel the need to slam the keys in frustration. It is the best way to understand me.

I have them all at my website http://www.alphadeus.com . I'm not sure how to use UBBCode.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and possibly listen to my work. I'm also hoping someone has advice on a way I can use this gift to support myself financially. I don't want to be rich, I just need to pay the bills and have enough to take care of medical bills and whatnot.

Thank you.

Alphadeus.com ~ Over 30 hours of original piano improv.