It's easy to use with metronomes to play any rhythm you are likely to need including rhythms with swing, polyrhythms, mixed meters etc. Its special secret is its "Gravity Bounce". Improve your tempo & rhythm.


“Its secret is incorporating various visual options ... Rather like those used in karaoke machines, their rise and fall incorporates a ‘gravity bounce’ that feels like having your own conductor to help you keep in time ...” - printed review by Martin Walker in SoS PC Notes. As Reviewed in Sound On Sound Magazine, Jan 2010, p180

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What is Special About Bounce Metronome Pro? Software for Windows

The gravity bounce visuals show the rhythm with the precision you need to use it as a silent metronome - like watching a conductor.

They also help you to feel the rhythm and your place in the measure and in each beat.

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This can be especially useful when you practice playing exactly on the beat to merge your sound with the clicks, or practice playing consistently ahead or behind the beat.

You can play any time signature with subdivisions at any tempo. You also get Pro metronomes for almost any rhythm you can think of including syncopation, swing, polyrhythms, mixed meters and drum and dance rhythms with mixtures of note sizes.

Also you get a tempo dial with fractional BPM, gradually changing tempo and tap at tempo.

Many more professional features. See what you can do - or 24 Special Features.

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Robert Craig Walker