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Fortunately, that will never happen and not just because it's a bit far-fetched, but because Perahia doesn't/won't play anything much more "contemporary" than Bartok.

I have met Mr. Perahia (he looks quite different than his album covers- he could use a bit of a fashion make-over) and he struck me as a very humble, honest man. He simply plays music which he finds most congenial and conducive to his immense talent. (A CD some years back of Franck and Liszt suggested that he was experimenting. It wasn't a great CD, IMO.)

Fortunately there are pianists who are more adventurous, and we are all the more richer for that.

Do you remember when some contemporary composer (and I think she was female!) got all bent out of shape when Horowitz had the nerve to programme a Clementi sonata? She wondered why Horowitz was ignoring the music of the present, something along those lines. Horowitz most likely ignored the assault. He knew what he could 'rewrite' best! laugh

Yeah, I've met him (twice) and played for him as well. It was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had. I had no way of telling if he was honest, or humble, but he's long been one of my very favorite pianists. I have that CD, by the way and I love it (especially his Mephisto).

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