Norbert 5'3", 6' Ritmuller grands are available with a Renner action, a Detoa(sp) action, or a Pearl River action, so I don't know where you come off saying the dealer was lying if a customer was told they received that. For anyone wondering if their Ritmuller has a Renner action they can just tilt the fallboard down about 1/2 way and peer into the action cavity. The hammer rail is wooden and has a Renner logo on it.

The 183 is in fact a 6' long piano and it measures as such on every one I've seen smile Remember to you must measure from the keyslip, to the back of the lid.

Quite oftent the "model number" of a given piano is its height/length in centimeters. Thus the GP183 stands for Grand Piano 183cm (183divided by 2.54 = 72.04" which = 6')

In any case congrats to all on their pianos smile

Rich Lindahl
Piano Restorations in Central CT