We have a 1995-97? Baldwin Pianovelle RPXL DP. About a year ago, all of a sudden, it quit working. When I push power, the display light comes on, but shows no words or options and none of the buttons work. Also, the red lights above the buttons don't come on. At the time this happened, I used the Master Reset function to try to get it going again, but nothing started. It has been used sporadically, sometimes going for weeks w/o being played. I called about repair, but no one will come to our house to fix it. It has to be delivered to a music store to be looked at or they will pick it up for a fee. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be wrong? I was wondering if anyone would know where we could get a circuitry diagram as my husband is an electrical engineer and might be able to fix it if he knew what might be wrong.
Yesterday when I was reading the manual, we discovered that there is a rechargeable NI/CD battery in the piano, which we were unaware of. Is it possible that the battery became run down from lack of use (it says it gets charged up again when the unit is on)? If so, where is the battery located? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.