The action of the Clavinova which has been our "lounge piano" for the past five years is showing distinct signs of its age. It's a CVP-203 and probably about seven years old in total, as my second wife brought it with her when we got together.

For about the past 12 months, I've become very aware of a lot of noise from the action, particularly on key-up, which has become so dominant that even at full volume it's hard not to be aware of this. Secondly, the E above middle C has now started to stick down with some regularity.

I remember discussions here before of renewing the grease on key mechanisms (I think in connection with the Roland FP4) - does this sound like the same problem, and how likely is it that the sticking key problem is related?

Has anyone here any experience with Clavinova actions and if so, is this something I could have a go at myself? It's weight and age would preclude me spending a lot of money on fixing the problem. The piano may actually be going anyway, as a gift to our church, but if so I'd be playing it there and would still find these problems frustrating.

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