i've just spent very frustrating and not a little worrying 5 & 1/2 weeks (!!!) being strung along by a supplier here in France waiting for my order of a Casio PX830 to be delivered. They took my money on 6th November for a piano supposedly in stock ?? . Long story, but hopefully the refund cheque is finally in the post, seems they can't refund my UK card direct - why I don't know. Anyway they say there's been a big **** up by Casio and they're not now available in France, Germany or UK until January.

So, I'm back at square one, and I've now been looking around other pianos .. I need a piano, on a tight budget, that will play well enough and have enough oomph to use for occasional solos up against me playing the violin - things like Monti Czardas, Thais Meditation etc etc. I'm a violinist by trade. It needs to be portable-ish, but must have the full 3 pedals as I also intend to use it for practice, possibly teaching as well. The piano sound must be good - but other 'voices' would be a great bonus, plus split etc. I've seen all three on Youtube videos, and they sound pretty good, but I have nowhere to go to try them out - they are simply not in stock anywhere near here.
Other things I want to use it for are music arranging, on the computer and possibly recording to my Fostex V160 - quite how I'm not sure. I like the idea of the SD card in the Casio, and it seems a really good piano for the money. Is the 830 that much better than the 730?

Anybody have experience of these pianos ? - I could use some opinions. Thanks.

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