Hi all

Just thought I would let you know that yesterday our Casio PX-120 and free stand plus the sustain pedal arrived via FedEx.

My wife and I spent the afternoon assembling all the pieces. Although at first we had to read the instructions many times it was not the fault of the literature. More that we were not familiar with the logic of how the piano and stand were to join together.

In fact looking back made us appreciate the superb quality of both instrument and stand together with the clever way it all fitted together.

As appreciation of the way you helped me right from the outset I have put a small page with a link to this forum and Pianomagic plus SeaSideLee on my website.

If you want to pop along an have a look it can be found at:


You will see how we had fun in the pictures as we assembled bits and pieces. Also originally we had intended to purchase ONLY the piano and were going to balance it on some plywood! I think in the end we reached the best decision in purchasing it with the FREE stand...!

All the best and now to study.