Hi everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know about a website that I'm putting up. The site speaks for itself so I won't spend too much time with this post going over the details but I will give you a little background about it. Over the years it seems like I've taken far more from the various forums scattered throughout the Internet than I've given back. Rather than just create another blog to post my music I thought it would be more interesting to create a site that others could benefit from, whether that means contributing or just observing.

The whole idea behind it is that it's a place where I, or anyone else, can post a song that can be streamed right there, provide a few more details than usual about how it was actually recorded, provide links to whatever hardware or software was used and then get and give feedback about the song. There are plenty of sites where you can post your music and find information about the gear we use and discuss it but I'm just trying to provide a place where all of those things come together in one place.

Regardless of how successful this site is in bringing others together to share their music it's been good for me to finally have a place for my music. If you have any feedback about the site, let me know. Here's the link:


Kawai K-3
Yamha Motif XS8