I just posted this same information in the General Forum but
wanted you to know, in case you've not found it yet, about the
Iphone Applications: Virtuoso and Grand Pro.
You can play the piano on your Iphone. You can record and
change keys and it has a built in metronome. You can get
a sample for free or pay .99 for the Grand Pro.
You can also download an ocarina (little flute) which
'you play by blowing into the bottom of your phone. No kidding!
I also have enjoyed the synthesizer and the virtual drums.
Would love to hear if you have tried any of these and how
you like them.
I played the Virtuoso application on a flight to California
recently (with headphones) and spent the most satisfying
hours on a plane of my life. I composed and practiced in the
tiny space of an airline seat. The time flew by.

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