I was going to post this on the Beginner's Forum but since it features Pianoteq and a Band-in-a-Box creation that I made from the sheet music I'll post it here. I still suck at piano but I hope you enjoy.

I'm currently in my 3rd month of piano lessons that I'm taking along with my 10-year old daughter. This is my first piano video. I'm playing a Yamaha PF-500 digital piano using Pianoteq by Modartt for the piano sounds. I created the backing track (bass, drums, guitar) using the sheet music and PG Music's Band-in-a-Box UltraPluspak 2009.5 that uses real instrument samples.

We have our first recital coming up in 5 days and I'll be playing this but without the backing band track as it's much easier to play without it (but more fun with it!) I've made computer music for years but have never been trained in music or on an instrument. I'm 37 and just learning to actually play the piano after tinkering around with it on my own for awhile.

It's not that great but maybe I'll post another attempt in a few years and hopefully I will have improved!
Acoustic: Yamaha C6.
Digital: Kawai VPC1 with Pianoteq