It's an honest question though. Anyone know of any serious criminals (murderers) who have been involved in the piano industry or were to any degree serious pianists, or composers? Does music sooth people to make this infrequent?

Sadly, I know there have been a few suicides, but also sadly that is not completely unexpected in any field of art. I suppose art draws unusual personalities and deals with emotions of all kinds. But murderers?

I'll start. It's not a person who was a pianist, but it's related to pianos. Ted Bundy's first victim, during his teens, is said to have been a teenage girl who was taking piano lessons from a family acquaintance of Bundy's. Psychologists think Bundy was partly motivated, from the beginning, in his decade-long spree by his relationship with his mother. His family did not have much money or prestige, and supposedly Bundy wanted to be cultured and international. He envied the piano lessons and so . . . she was his first victim.

Even though Bundy confessed to almost all his other murders, he never confessed to this crime. It is still unknown if she disappeared for other reasons. Psychologists wonder why he may not have confessed to it.
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