The dealership that I work for has signed to be a Baldwin dealer. The pianos have needed a normal amount of prep work but odd problems have occurred with string issues. On both an Asian made and American made grands- I've had problems with bad wire in the treble. Once wire is replaced- all noise, buzzing and hissing stop. On the Asian made grands the knuckles have been rather noisy and needed aid. Has anyone had these problems too? The real problem is the lack of help and service from the Baldwin service department. We have turned in service claims and they turn us down or put us off. Is their some one to contact direct about these matters?

We have had several odd things happen like the wrong bench sent with the piano and mis-matched case parts that its become frustrating to deal with them. But on the positive note once the pianos are prepped and ready they sound great and play great and make customers very happy.

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