BW RECKNAGEL's Debut Album "Nihilum" will be available on the digital distribution platform I-tunes from October 2009.

"Nihilum", the mesmerizing Debut Album of 10 classical piano compositions by London based, German composer BW RECKNAGEL, has been introduced in June 2009 via BW RECKNAGEL "Nihilum" and since enjoyed growing popularity amongst the online community. The new deal with I-tunes secures worldwide digital distribution and will add further exposure within the classical sector. The new deal includes the territories UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

BW RECKNAGEL’s music and style has proven to be very popular and it is well received by a lot of people all over the world. CCD Promotion's focus so far has been the online arena including digital Radio platforms such as Last FM with the main online strategies to come in autumn/winter this year. The second Album is already in the making and CCD are focusing on a long-term development with new features on the website such as the newly introduced monthly free download of one piano improvisation. Also, they are giving away the sheet music for all 10 racks with each download of the Album. Selling the Album via I-tunes now will give the customer the opportunity to purchase individual tracks.

Since the romantic style of classical music is still one of the most popular, BW RECKNAGEL's own piano compositions, a charming mix between Minimal Impressionism and Romanticism, are already reaching an audience which goes well beyond the strictly classical scene. Unlike other contemporary composers, BW RECKNAGEL has no accademical background in classical music but an interesting history which spans from a classical upbringing to a very active life in the music world and music industry in London since 1992.

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