I will be purchasing a DP within the next two weeks and have narrowed it down to the Roland 700 GX or the Kawai MP8II.

My price range is $2000-$3000

Can anyone who owns these DP's tell me what they like and dis-like?

I really like the V Piano but the price is too expensive for the product, maybe when the price goes down and a second generation V piano comes out I will reconsider it.

I am really leaning towards the Roland 700GX.

Also I know not to pay sticker price and will negotiate the price, what's a fair price to pay for either the 700GX or the MP8II? Any suggested on-line retailers or a shop that takes orders?

This is my first DP and I want to buy a good instrument that will last me, that I will enjoy and be worth the money. I really enjoyed the feel and sound of the 700GX.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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