The London based classical composer BW RECKNAGEL will release one piece of Piano Improvisation every month as a free download via his website BW RECKNAGEL "Nihilum", starting from October 2009.

BW RECKNAGEL's website, which also enables customers to download his Debut Album "Nihilum", adds further features by offering freely available Piano Improvisations on a monthly basis. The pieces will give an interesting insight into his work which does not fall under the classical umbrella.

The first improvisation, entitled "Peace Of Mind", is available from October 2009 on BW RECKNAGEL - FREE DOWNLOAD A new piece will be updated every month and the downloads do not require any registration with the website.

As Kate Marsh, head of CCD Promotions, confirms: "We strongly believe in the concept of free music in order to promote and create closer interaction between the artist and the audience. Piano Improvisations are very authentic pieces, always created "in the moment" and rather than shelving them, we have decided to make them available for free for everyone to enjoy.
Also, all improvisations will be left in their original, raw and unmastered state.

BW RECKNAGEL's mesmerizing Debut Album "Nihilum" has already been greatly received since the launch of the website in June. and a loyal fan base has been build which goes well beyond the strictly classical scene. CCD Promotions, engaged in the long term development of BW RECKNAGEL as well as online promotion of the website, confirms a steady rise in sales since the launch of the website.

More news can be expect in relation to a European-wide physical distribution of "Nihilum", first UK Gigs in London for the winter season and previews of the second Album which is due for release in early 2010.

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