Hello all,

Have not been on Piano World in a while, nice to see you all again. I've been doing lots of work at school, as a music major at Adelphi University (Sophomore year). I'm doubling as a composition, and piano performance major. Last year, the Jupiter String Quartet came to Adelphi University to have a Composition Workshop. They came, worked on the piece, and recorded their performance. This will go on every year, until my senior year when I will have a completely recorded string quartet.

So here it is!

Some notes: the piece uses my name "Matthew Bosch" in it's musical translation. (Eb, A, B, E) -> Matthew (Bb, Eb, C, B) - > Bosch...similar to DSCH (Dimitri Shostakovitch). This seemed to be one negative feed back from my professor, that my musical name was too similar to Shostakovitch's. But I plan on hiding it more in other movements.

Any way... enough talking, down to business...

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http://www.box.net/shared/sz1vtayit4 -> (PDF, Score)

http://www.box.net/shared/xqa3y1o48r -> (Recording, by Jupiter String Quartet, 2009)