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www.thinkingmusic.ca is a new website, that's dedicated to the musical analysis of jazz, modern classical, and classical music, with an emphasis on harmony.

Featured Articles, as of August, 09:

Giant Steps, Central Park West, and Modulatory Cycles -- An in-depth look at the harmonic techniques behind John Coltrane's Giant Steps and Central Park West.

Just Friends -- Describes Just Friends' harmonic structure, and its use of sequence, mode change, modulation, substitute chords, secondary dominants and pivot chords.

Common-tone Modulation -- Discusses the different types of modulation used in classical, jazz, Romantic and Impressionist music.

Figured Bass -- what it is, and how it works -- A detailed description of the baroque practice of 'figured bass', and how it is used in modern harmonic analysis.

For more info on the site and its contents, please visit www.thinkingmusic.ca, or contact me, at www.thinkingmusic.ca.

Michael Leibson