I teach jazz and classical harmony and composition to a small number of private, long-distance students. Instruction is one-on-one, and person-to-person – only the means of communication is long-distance. Because I limit my teaching to a small number of students, each student receives my complete attention and individual care.

You can learn more by visiting my website:

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www.thinkingmusic.ca is dedicated to the musical analysis of jazz, modern classical, and classical music, with an emphasis on harmony. Here are some links, to help you navigate the site:

For detailed information on long-distance lessons, please visit:
Music Theory Lessons -- private, long-distance instruction in jazz and classical harmony

For actual lesson excerpts, please visit:
thinkingHarmony -- in-depth discussions of jazz and classical harmony

Classical Harmony -- using Aldwell & Schachter's "Harmony and Voice Leading"

Figured Bass -- what it is, and how it works

Common-tone Modulation

For jazz harmony, in particular:
Giant Steps, Central Park West, and Modulatory Cycles -- John Coltrane's harmonic technique

Just Friends -- Detailed harmonic analysis of John Klenner's jazz classic

As well, please feel free to contact me directly, via email, at michael@thinkingmusic.ca

All the best,
Michael Leibson

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