I recently stumbled across some of the tips on playpiano.com from various random Google searches. Come to find out, the site doesn't have all the tips indexed. Instead they want you to subscribe to a weekly news letter to get them mailed to you one at a time -- so it looks like it will take 2 years to get all the tips (they are called "101 tips", and I'm assuming you'd only get one a week).

Anyways, even though they aren't all indexed on that site, you can get the whole list by feeding in this google search string:

From that I was able to build an almost complete index of all the tips on the site. Much better than waiting 2 years to get them emailed one at a time.

Over all, the individual tips seem decent enough, all together they look like a standard chords based method course. But I didn't really see much in there that I wasn't already familiar with (most "play from a fake book" tutorials contain similar information).