Does anyone else know this song? Before it was translated to English and covered by a few artists, this song was composed by a Hungarian pianist and composer named Rezső Seress in 1933. It's original title is "Szomorú vasárnap". I came across an English version of the song covered by the singer Bjork, and fell in love with it! But when I read up on it, it actually has such a sad story behind it. The words are tragic and apparently back in the 30's when it was written and Billie Holiday sang the english version, the song ended up being banned because it apparently led to alot of suicides and people were found clutching the music, or had the music playing in the house where they died, ect. I don't know how much of that is true, but the composer himself, AND his wife also commited suicide some years later frown

Anyway, it seems a pretty obscure song and not many people know about it but for some reason I just love it and have printed the notes so I can play it. I found them here -

It's beautiful, in a kind of haunting way. I was just wondering if anyone else knew about it, or plays this song. Or if you know of any other sheet music for it out there. Any other versions, longer ones maybe? Or ones that are at least a more clear scan?

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