Hey all,
I ran across a guy selling a yamaha CP-70b electric piano today for $500. It's missing the power cord, damper pedal, damper rod, and both case covers but internals look good. All the keys work and it sounds good --better than a lot of the smaller uprights I've looked at in this price range if only softer in volume (fine for my appt tho). I think the whole thing is slightly flat but in relative tune. I've been looking for a piano for my apartment for a while and this seems to match the bill. My Kawai digital stays at home w/ the folks. Does this sound like a good buy? How much do these run for (and how common are they)? Is 73 keys an issue (I can't say I've used those bass or treble keys yet). Thanks for any help.

Yamaha CP 70b
Kawai MP5