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Hi composers!

Thank you for your patience regarding the compilation/competition project. I'm pleased to present you the finalised information sheet below. I hope everything is clear: if not (or there are gaping holes of unexplained procedures), please PM me and I will amend the post accordingly. Please do not reply to this post.

I'm looking forward to enthusiastic PMs showing/confirming interest!


PWPF Composer’s Lounge Compilation Project and Competition
Theme: Places of the World

The project aims to encourage composer members of the Piano World Piano Forums to write piano music under a unifying theme, and to perform and record their music to the highest standards. Composers submit any number of recordings of their compositions to contribute to the compilation, and may opt in up to two entries for an informal vote-based competition, in which members of the Piano World Piano Forums are encouraged to take part.

Submission for the Compilation
Composers submit recordings of their compositions, either performed by the composers or another pianist. Submission titles should relate to the theme Places of the World. Submissions for the Compilation are not limited in number, length, or style.

Submissions are expected to be of good performance quality: while MIDI renditions are allowed, submissions that are “obviously” default, instant MIDI renditions of a notation software will not be included.

Composers are strongly encouraged (but not required) to submit recordings of de novo compositions or Premiere recordings of their existing compositions in response to this project.

Composers are asked to provide scores accompanying their submission which will be made available to PWPF members.

Submission for the Vote-based Competition
Maximum of two submissions to the Compilation, not exceeding 15 minutes in total duration, may be included in the competition per composer. Composers are not obliged to submit any entry for the competition.

Bear in mind that the public naturally take into account performance into their voting so it is in your interest to record to the highest standards. MIDI editing is allowed.

Protecting your work
Composers are asked to legally protect their work in such a way that PWPF has a non-exclusive right to distribute recordings and scores within the forums. One way to do this is by using Creative Commons Licensing.

Important dates
The submission page will be available from a PWPF Composer’s Lounge from 1 September 2009. Submission deadline is midnight of 31 October 2009, GMT. If at least eight entries are submitted for competition then voting will open between 7th and 30th November 2009, during which time only works entered for the competition will be displayed. Otherwise there will be no competition.

To participate please contact co-ordinator Tar by private message, stating provisional number of submissions. Even if you have already shown interest previously, please PM Tar to confirm your intention to participate. The provisional number of submissions is completely non-binding: you are more than welcome to write less but we’d rather you write more! smile

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