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I've got a Grand Transporter 429 I took off a 9' Knabe at the High school. They were using it as a piano truck but I could see the piano had fallen off the the back of the transporter and nearly put a hole in the soundboard( the back support was on the soundboard when I got to it). Anyhow, I confiscated the huge chunk of metal and ordered a proper truck. Question is, unless I'm going to doing a fair amount of rebuilding and have the room to move more than one piano around in my shop(which I don't), am I going to need this thing? If not, do any of you want it? One of the hydraulic jacks has a broken handle but that could be fixed or a new jack put on. It seems it was designed simply for moving pianos around easily on flat surfaces, say, from the showroom to the shop or from the work room to the spray room. I've really only got one room in my shop and the floor isn't that flat. Let me know if any of you are interested, my wife would like me to get it out from under our patio so we can bar-b-Q.

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Anson Everitt
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Anson Everitt
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