Hi Everyone,

I have to make a decision about purchasing an artist piano bench due to the time I spent practicing and for preventing the appearance of backpain. The final two brands are Burghardt and Lanzani. I would like to receive feed-back about these two brands in terms of overall quality, cost of maintenance, ergonomics, mechanism reliability, etc. I'm also considering a piano chair, Lanzani has a piano chair called Beethoven so does Burghardt, very different one from another. Have anyone in the forums tried the Beethoven Lanzani chair, or the Beethoven Burghardt chair, or any type of chair for practicing. Is it necessary for the back (when one is playing) to have the support of a backrest, or is it useless, due to the fact that most of the times when one is playing the back stands in an upright position?

I would really need advice on these two questions (Burghardt vs Lanzani and piano bench vs piano chair).