Well, having given the last two days total devotion to finding a new sitting/pedal position, I came across a technique I will use for awhile to train my feet. I will play with the foot hovered just ontop of the pedal, without pressing. This helps to lock in a good position, as my upper body moves all around playing, my feet learn to stay in the up position (where the highest stess normally occurs for me). Then, I'll switch to pumping the pedal in rhythm throughout the song on every beat, thinking "soley" about maintaining the heel in its position, and the angle (slightly outward seems more comfortable that slightly inward for me).

I even lowered my seat and scooted back abit, so the knees have more clearance under the keyboard. It's like taking a step back to reaquaint to a new hand position, but I feel it will pay off much better down the road. Obvisouly what I had been doing to this point was not working, so a change is in order.

I watched some Van Cliburn, and MAN, is he close to that piano! I don't see how he can flex his feet given his knees, but then again he had the benefit of developing his body and flexibility for the piano as he grew from childhood.