For those interested,

I received an email directed to Mike's Fans this afternoon: 3/24/2009:

If you missed Mike Strickland's "Spread Joy" on Good Morning America...

I didn't have much notice to tell you that Good Morning America was airing Mike's "Spread Joy" animation today so...
Here's the story on the ABC News website

The story is about how people find comfort, reassurance and joy on the internet and they showed some of our youtube "Spread Joy"music video and used the song in the background for much of the segment on "brightsiding".

Don't forget to visit the new website to download a free mp3 of the song, follow my blog, and get the sheet music! (Above from Kristy Stickland)

Mike is among my very favorite musicians, and when he has a happening, I am so very pleased to hear about it!

Betty Patnude