When I had my piano moved into my last apartment, they had to carry it down 3 stairs and up the elevator to my apartment. It took them a total of 10-15 minutes to put it together. They seemed like they were in such a hurry they shoved the contract in my hands and just said, "sign here". Meanwhile I had already tipped them when they picked it up from my house to move it to my new apartment. I believe I had tipped $20 to each guy.

After they had left, when I went to polish the piano, I noticed that there was a reasonably large "ding" in one of the legs. Totally cosmetic damage, but still it wasn't there before the move. And because the guys had been in such a hurry to go, I didn't have a chance to give the piano a thorough "once-over" before signing the paper accepting the condition it arrived in.

So a few weeks ago when I had to move my piano again, I did not tip the guys who moved it, because I used the same company as last time, who had dented my piano leg. And this time I made sure to take the necessary time to inspect the piano before allowing them to leave.

My advice is to make sure you take the time to fully inspect the piano upon delivery, and if there is no damage, then by all means, tip each guy $20 for a grand, maybe less for an upright.

Any thoughts on how I handled this?

Christopher T. Fasulo
Proud Owner of a Petrof III grand