Maybe this will help a few of you who are thinking of using or already using Audacity.

I posted a while ago asking why Audacity recordings I've made, copied to a wav file, and then to CD, would have a funny tinkly ringing sound in the background when the CD is played. The Audacity and wav files sound fine when played on the computer, but the wav file on the CD played in a CD player has this funny sound on it.

One PW member talked about project rate. I'm now pretty sure this was the problem - it was caused because I had been recording with a project rate of 22100. So anyone out there recording with Audacity, make sure your project rate when you are recording is set at 44100!!! To prevent this from happening.

If you've accidentally recorded with a project rate of 22100 there IS a way to get your files onto CD and eliminate that annoying ringing:

1-export the audacity file to wav
2-convert the wav file to an mp3
3-copy the mp3 onto the cd

This is more work,takes up more computer memory and lowers the sound quality of your music file that finally makes it onto the CD, but it works.

FYI: I tried taking an audacity file that was recorded with a project rate of 22100, and export it to a wav file at 44100 to fix this problem. ***This does NOT work - it does NOT fix the problem*** And now I know wy. I just found the website for audacity and read that audacity files revert back to their original project rate regardless of what project rate you may enter in when you export to wav file.

One final GIANT CAVEAT: NEVER NEVER NEVER rename your audacity file. It trashes your file. You can do a "Save As" and create a second new file with a different name, but DON'T RENAME THE ORIGINAL. I think what happens is the accompaying data file is no longer linked, which makes your music file unplayable. eek

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