Hey there,
I am looking for some user feedback on the different sample libraries that are available these days. I am currently using old stock Reason Refills for arrangements, and obviosly there are limitations to getting a usable sound here (for an example see my earlier topic titled "Indroducing Myself Via a New Composition").

So, I've bounced around the web and came up with a good impression of the quality of the sounds involved with the following:
Garritan Personal Orchestra
Garritan Jazz
East West Quantum Leap Gold and Platinum bundles
Vienna Symphonic (too many products here to list)

Anybody out there have experience with one or more of these?
I'd like to hear about workflow and how responsive or "smart" the sample programming is. What is the software package like for each parent sample set, and does it play nice with your host sequencing/notation program (ex. Cubase, Finale etc.)?

My needs:
Access to decent full orchestra and jazz combo sounds for my own arrangement purposes.
Access to very good quality string and piano samples for professional level film scoring (think piano quintet).

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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