Sort of off the usual PW topics, I have been asked by many choral directors to compose a new Hanukah piece. I composed a 'Hanukah Fantasy' for SATB/piano (with an eye to get it orchestrated as well) during the holiday season and would be happy to send the Finale files to you if you send me a personal email requesting to see it. My email address is

'Hanukah Fantasy' includes 'Maos Tzur' (in Hebrew), 'The Dreidel Song' (in English and Yiddish), 'Jerusalem of Gold' (in Hebrew), and, 'O Hanukah, O Hanukah'. (In the last piece, the piano part has a short excerpt of 'Se-vi-von' juxtaposed to 'O Hanukah'). Since it is in Finale format, if you do not have the Finale program, you can download Finale Note Pad gratis to view and print the files.

With my best wishes,

Jeffrey Biegel