I've been practising my improvisation! Basically I feel a bit smothered by my practising and needed another form of expression. I think I've experienced enough music now to have a pretty sure idea of what my 'voice' should sound like, I've definitely improved a lot since I started (funnily enough, at about the same time I started working on the Beethoven op.28 seriously). My process for it is literally to throw down a chord or sequence of notes and see where it takes me. Sometimes I get a motif that I can keep on using. I definitely think about where I am going though, I don't just ramble on (or I try not to, just a shame that my written expression doesn't share it ahhhh).

I was reluctant to put these in the performance section because I would like critique on the improvisations themselves: unfortunately they are MIDI files but they will do the job fine. Things like ways I can make them more interesting, whether I use the same kind of harmonies too much, etc. They're just titled by the length of the improv. I also add that they are unedited, but I did record the second one twice because I didn't like where I took it the first time. (and still not certain now!)

http://zenixstudios.com/download.php?f=lol669.mid - 3:52

http://zenixstudios.com/download.php?f=lol292b.mid - 7:35

http://zenixstudios.com/download.php?f=zeldalolcd1.mid - 7:45 (my first attempt at improvising around a theme, its a piece of music from the zelda games, I had to get the theme in my head first, and I played around with reharmonising it first, but otherwise this is a first take and I'm quite proud of it, despite a couple of flubs)