Save the Date - Saturday, December 1, 2007 - 2pm

I would like to welcome everyone in joining the festivities of a piano gathering sponsored by Larry Buck at his piano shop in Lowell, MA.

Planning to be in attendance at our next gathering will be Marc Wienert. Marc was the tech responsible for the preparation of the piano used at Zenpth Studio's 2006 re-performance of Glenn Goulds recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations. Marc currently is in charge of the Piano Technical Services at the Manhattan School of Music in NYC. Marc was also the initial inspiration for Perri Knize's book, Grand Obsession, based on his expertise in piano voicing.

Larry has confirmed the attendance of Herr Hanas Schimmel Vogel, President of Schimmel. Herr Vogel will be visiting from Germany and is pleased the gathering can be coordinated with his visit.

Darrell's Music Hall in Nashua, NH will generously make available a K230T Schimmel PLUS a 189NKS for our playing and listening pleasure.

I'd also like to welcome Michael Frederick from the Frederick Historical Piano Center in Ashburnham, MA. This will be Mike's first time joining us at Larry's shop. His wife, Patricia, will be holding down the fort at the study center for any visitors who might be planning to stop by. Pat & Michael's dedication to their pianos and the guests who come to visit has always been a top priority.

All the other celebrities in attendance will be those of you who have attended past gatherings and have helped in creating the muscial friendship we all share. Come and join this gathering with your friends and family and enjoy the opportunity to mingle and exchange conversation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

To all of you who have never attended one of our local events, come and see what it's all about!!!!

It should promise to place a warm spot in your heart to last the entire chilly winter season!

If you are planning to attend, please post your responses here. wink