I am looking for really ANYONE INTERESTED IN MUSIC in the Houston area, and who is wondering or already knows some of what has happened to classical/composed music since Wagner (the end of romanticism) or Debussy. I am looking for musicians who also just want to perform music in an ensemble, or at times even a solo, setting. I am hoping to form an ensemble of performers and composers who will bring music to a variety of venues through performance of old and new works. I am currently majoring in piano performance and have done composing myself on the side. I am hoping to get a group of performers and composers together to perform and compose classical and jazz improv pieces. One of the main goals of this ensemble would be to allow people to hear new music and music that is not currently as well recognized by history books but is still great in its own right. I am hoping to form a group of open-minded performers and composers who always seek to learn more about music and discuss its nature. If you do not read music, that is OK, I will make it a personal point to help you with that, and you still could participate in improvisation sessions and discussions about music. I am trying to generate as much interest in this idea as possible. I also already have some connections with venues in Houston through the solo piano concerts I have given, and they would likely be willing to have concerts of performed by the ensemble or subgroups of the ensemble that can form. I will make it my job as a composer to compose new works for the ensemble that we have, and I am hoping that the members who compose also will be willing to do so, to get there pieces out there. So if you are interested in music/composition/performance in anyway, please email me or respond to this post. My email: bullitosaladino@gmail.com. Hope to hear from any of you (especially those in the Houston area) soon.