These are some interesting links I thought might help bridge the gap for some of our classical only players that want to learn or at least understand jazz. If you want to learn jazz or pop the basics from classical training still work and can be applied.

WHY SO MANY LINKS? Because this is what is going on right now a combination of the two. You need an understanding OF BOTH to fully realize your musical goals. All of the concerts I have attended in the last five years shows a mix bag of jazz, classical and pop. If you intend to play out live people now days have been exposed to many different kinds of music and expect you to at least touch base with some of it. At one show we did this fall a lady came up and ask if she could sing with the group and I said sure so she says do you know CRAZY and mind you we are playing straight ahead jazz. What key you in? ask guitar player and of course it was the wrong key but we got behind her figured it and played by ear and gave it our best shot. The audience love it and I was so glad to be with a group of guys who really just want to make good music doing the best job they can do. Any way I hope these links can open up some new ideas for some of you. DPVJAZZ