As some of you may have noticed in the ABF thread Home - David Nevue , He has joined our humble forum, AND he lives in Springfield Oregon.

David plays in portland on the June 24, for more info see this link Whisperings in concert

In an E-Mail request about workshop information, he had this to say.
What did you have in mind for a workshop? I have done a couple of
them for piano teachers. What they do is have their students learn my
songs and then I more or less listen in and comment on then - make
suggestions and encourage the piano students. Often, it's a
concert/workshop. So I might do a concert one evening, and then the
next day the piano teachers students perform my songs.

Let me know what you were thinking.
Seems to me, we should be able to make this happen.
How often do you get to play one of your favorite songs for the person that wrote it?
StageFright on steroids? or the Coolist piano evening ever! It all depends on us.

Post back here if you are interested.


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