Hi. Some of my friends have been breathing down my back to get a CD of sacred/gospel/religious songs/hymns recorded, and I finally have a list of songs to record (pending a little reshuffling here and there). Thing is, I would welcome suggestions for a place in Southern California to record. I (or a friend of mine) could supply the recording equipment (microphones, mixer, master media (most likely computer, POSSIBLY Zoom H2 if I buy one before then), etc) - I just need the piano and venue.

First off, I do not want to record on my mother's Young Chang PG-150 (way too weak bass, too mellow tone) or my 56.75" Ricca & Son upright (still too weak bass, lackluster tone due to badly worn hammers (nearly to the core in the bass, and the grooves are deeper than the strings are thick)).

Bruce Stevens in Bellflower, CA, has offered to let me use one of his Steinway B's. They have a decent tone, but still not quite what I'm looking for.
Also, I have access to a 1951 Baldwin Hamilton studio upright, that, while it has a weak bass, it has a superb tone from about an octave below middle C to the top.

However... I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for a piano to use? If anyone suggests a grand, I don't want to do it on anything shorter than 270cm (unless I end up "compromising" and doing it on one of Bruce's pianos). I wonder what Tavner would think of me recording on his Mason & Hamlin CC-94? Or, since I'm likely to run out of keys in the bass, what would it take to twist David Rubenstein's arm to let me record a CD on the R-371?

(Oh, and if you guys want me to post (in this topic) the list of (approx. 70) songs I'm thinking of recording, please let me know.)

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