I'm so guilty of not always taking the time to absorb/process music related info that is extremely easy to access on the Web! Any person (I'm @ the top of the list!) who honestly wants to advance musically should be willing to--at least--start back at the beginning of this forum (Jan '05?) &--if nothing more--simply read the prior posts! Once we are willing to do that--beating dead whatevers will likely subside. LOL--there is enough "prime fodder" on page 1 to keep inspiring threads flowing for mos/yrs to come! This forum is by no means the least popular for any musician who really wants to succeed in his/her endeavor. Folks (me included!) don't embarass yourself or others by asking redundant questions or making cursory statements that do little more than attempt to demean the immense worth & integrity of such a great forum.
Sincere Regards WFB