Hi Everyone,

I just thought I'd stop by the forum and let you know that my new solo piano CD "Common Places" has just been released. Its a collection of neoclassical, americana, gospel and cinematic themes all played as "stream of consciousness" improvisations.

Here's an excerpt from Mark Vail's (Keyboard Magazine) upcoming review:

"Starr Parodi's latest CD... may be subtitled "Piano Improvisations," but it often includes a bit more than normal piano. Creative games were sparingly and tastefully played.... and, in a brilliant instrumental cover of Stephen Stills' "For What It's Worth," a pulsing rhythm pattern generated by passing piano chords through an LFO-modulated filter, reminiscent of the Pete Townsend organ part in the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again." .... Parodi's pianistic sense and delivery go way beyond creative. Words that come to mind while listening to Common Places include imaginative, courageous, dynamic, passionate, gutsy, pensive, restrained, and euphoric. I'm thoroughly entranced by the whole experience."

Please stop by www.parodifair.com/commonplaces/ and check out the music.