hi everyone,

I've been playing a lot lately from a beatles fake book, and I came across one of their songs called "Getting Better". I'm trying to come up with a good pattern for it that will give the arrangement some drive... after all, it does get boring comping block chords under the melody I'm singing in these rock tunes, so I'm trying to come up with a more suitable accompaniment for this song.

After messing around at the piano I did come up with a pattern, but I'm not sure if it's really suited for a song that's supposed to be in 4/4 time. I'm still relatively new at this as I've been playing only for 4.5 years.

The two chords, which alternate under the melody outlined below, are G and C/G. What I'm doing with the right hand part is playing the notes (G-B) as a two note block, comped twice, under the G major. Under the C/G chord, I'm playing the RH accompaniment as a 2 note descending line, playing the note (E) and then the note(C) afterwards...


G Major C/G G major C/G
(G-B) (G-B) (E)(C) (G-B) (G-B) (E)(C)
I used to get mad at my school

(G-B) (G-B) (E) (C) (G-B) (G-B) (E) (C)
teachers who taught me weren't cool

What I'm curious about is, is this OK to do in 4/4 time? I do wonder if it gives the impression of cut time, considering that the G-B block played together does have more of a slightly bulkier sound than the simple descending two note under the C/G chord. I don't mind the pattern myself, but if the way I'm playing the chords is not giving the impression of 4/4, I need to find some other pattern to use.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions that many of you more experienced players have, and whether or not you think my pattern is acceptable for this song in 4/4 time.