For those who are going to be in Anaheim for the NAMM Show, I wanted to let you know that I have a booth at the show for my company, BigHeart Slide, Booth 4166, Hall C, and I'd enjoy having you come by. If you want to play piano there, I'll have a little acoustic 64 key boogie beast in the booth for jamming with the various slide guitarists who come by.

Also my wife and I have a Namm Jamm on Friday night the 21st at our home 4 miles from the show. If you feel like dropping by you can email me at - - for a map and invite PDF file. There's an acoustic jamm in the front room and an electric jam in the separate art studio out back.

We have a Kurzweil digital piano in the art studio and a Mason & Hamlin AA in the house along with a Hammond/Leslie setup so it's a great place to play with others if you're a keys person.

I hope to see you all,