I want to restring my Baldwin baby grand, starting with the bass strings.
I'm a performer and though I have changed many strings on pianos before, I'm not a piano tuner.
I plan to change them one string at at a time, tune them as best I can as I go, then have a pro tuner go over the whole piano as need be.
Then I'll decide if I want to re-string the rest of the piano.
Can anyone direct me to a good source to purchase bass strings?
Also, I know I need to properly identify the piano to properly order the bass strings. I looked up the serial number on line and found it was made in 1961. I had assumed it to be a 5'2" model. However when I measured it, it looked more like 4'11".
I looked all over the piano, but I can't find anything with model information or model number on it anywhere on the piano. Is it possible that Baldwin made anything other than the M-series baby grand in 1961?
The harp has "Made by Baldwin" molded into it. It is definitely all Baldwin.
It doesn't look like anything particularly unique. It has a wood grain finish as opposed to the typical polished ebony look.
Any help would be appreciated.