Hello folks!

Due to problems with enough space i have to sell my August Förster upright piano. The model is Super C (Chippendale) Walnut and was made in 1955 in Germany. It has a few small scratches and has'nt been tuned in 8 years, but otherweise it has a good sound. Here is a picture of it: [Linked Image]

I really dont have a clue what this piano might be worth. I know that, once its well tuned, it has a relatively good sound, for a piano of this age. And i think most ppl like the design. Ive seen people trying to sell the same model on the internet for 4000-6000 swedish kronor(divide by (12?) and its £500~. So i thought id try to sell it for maybe £600. However this piano might be worth more than this. I dont know and i thought the best way to find out was to ask any experienced guy on a forum like this or to call a piano technican. If anyone got advise on how much this piano might be worth, roughly, please help me.