Does anyone know where I can get the regulating dimensions for a 6' 4" Mehlin grand? Key height, hammer blow, checking distance, and so on. It was built in 1902. The Piano Action Handbook does not mention Mehlin unfortunately.

Also would like to know if there is any way to get information about the original hammers. Someone put heavy hammers on it about 12 years ago, so it has a heavy touch. About 72 grams at the low end. I can calculate the weight of the new hammers, but I would prefer to get information about the originals if possible. I have completely gone through the action, rebushed quite a bit. And have been playing it off and on for 12 years since then. So I know nothing is inappropriately tight in the action. I know the guy that replaced the hammers right before I bought it intentionally put heavy hammers in it because he likes a heavy touch. It's the hammers' weight, not friction in the action.
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Jerry Viviano

Jerry Viviano
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